But because we are not like other agencies;) We analyze your needs independently of solutions that we would have "in store" unlike agencies which model their recommendations on their internal resources. Once your needs have been identified, without interference by “what we have to sell”, we identify the appropriate solutions among our many marketing and technological partners, then we implement these solutions for you and with you. However, some very recurring services are managed exclusively internally by our team: SEA, SEO, social ads campaigns, marketing automation, e-mail marketing, web development.
Finally, we are passionate about technology, a bit geeky around the edges, so we are constantly looking for the most advanced, the most efficient and the most innovative solutions. We allow you to benefit from this technological watch by identifying solutions that are still confidential for you.

No, otherwise we would be hundreds and we want to keep the agility of a small structure while offering the technicality and "scalability" of a large one! This is why we have surrounded ourselves with partners whose professionalism we guarantee. We cover certain recurring needs of our clients with our own resources such as web development and SEO but in order to be able to offer you a very broad scope of skills that can cover the variety of your needs, we work with many partners, each recognized specialist in its field.

Not at all ... unless that's your wish. We know our partners very well, their tools, their strengths, their teams and that is why we suggest you manage them for you (management, optimizations, reports, challenges, etc.) exactly as you would yourself- same but without you needing to master the concepts and techniques essential to piloting. We act as the prime contractor for your digital marketing, just like an architectural firm does for your home project.

No, otherwise our economic model would not hold up for long. Working through us with our partners or with them directly costs you exactly the same price because it is not you who pay but our partner. Indeed, he pays us a business finder's commission since we have brought him a client: you. But not only does it cost you the same price but for that price you have someone (us) who manages your campaign or your project for you even though you may not have the resources or the skills necessary for this management. .

We have clients on all continents and we support them in all of their markets. Our favorite playground is Switzerland and then Europe, but we regularly campaign on other continents (Middle East, South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico, China, South East Asia, etc.). We have a partner specializing in Chinese advertising ecosystems, established on site, and can therefore even support you in this very specific market.

No, because we refuse to subcontract development in off-shore countries (Ukraine, Romania, India, etc.) as most agencies do to take on large mandates. We want to perfectly master all aspects of the project on which we are working and therefore develop exclusively internally. We are artisans of web development, not manufacturers. As our team of developers is small we cannot take on large projects.

We are small but our partners are big;) For example, for your programmatic display campaigns we work with an American leader (Zeta Global). It is a company of several thousand employees on all continents. Your media purchases are made directly from our partner, so if we disappear, too bad for us, but that will not change your campaigns.

Never. We will not keep you as a client because we will have locked you into a contract but because you will be satisfied with our services. So we don't require any commitment from you. You are free to leave us at any time without notice. If we have incurred media expenses for you, you will only pay for those consumed.

This means that we are not, for example, an advertising agency that will offer you to build your brand in all its aspects (notoriety, positioning, brand territory, public relations, TV, etc.). Our DNA is built from measurable data, not graphic creativity. We have a propensity for analysis, calculations, quantifiable optimizations, mathematical probabilities, measurable results, tests. It is the seek for your performance that motivates us and that we take as a personal challenge.

Yes, thanks to our partner specializing in digital marketing within the Chinese ecosystem (Baidu, Weibo, WeChat, etc.) and located in China, we can support you in this difficult market to control from Europe.

When you entrust us with a pure consulting assignment (without campaign execution or web production), we invoice you on the basis of the time spent. We sell hourly books from 20 hours with a sliding scale according to the volume of hours.

We bill campaigns by time spent which reflects the reality of our work and not the size of your budget. Many of our colleagues charge a percentage of the media budget that you give them. We prefer to bill on a basis that we feel is fairer and on which we have no interest in making you spend more media budget.

We have supported most of our clients for years despite the variety of their needs and the assignments they entrust to us. Why ? The best would be to ask them;) Otherwise, read the testimonials of some of them on our site. If you have a chance to ask them, they'll likely tell you it's because we don't count our time or effort to keep them happy. We like that you think of us as your own team. We will therefore do everything to make us appreciated at your place.

Strategic advice is the boss's job exclusively at BeOnPerf. The boss has worked for almost 25 years in digital, that is to say his entire career until today. He acquired his skills in large companies but also by launching startups. Finally, he is a recognized expert, often invited as a speaker in conferences and he has been teaching digital marketing and e-commerce since 2009. Finally, the boss continues to train despite his advanced age;) at IMD in Lausanne, through learning expeditions in Silicon Valley at Google and Facebook, at CES in Las Vegas, etc.

We have been working for more than 20 years on the Swiss and French markets. Most of our clients are Swiss, then French, then international. Our local roots, particularly in Romandie, are very strong, but we also have international experience which broadens our knowledge beyond the region where we live.

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