Our solutions for your Display & Programmatic campaigns

A real factor in the development of your notoriety (brand awareness), Display consists of displaying your advertisements in the form of banners on the websites visited by your target. These campaigns also increase your visibility with your audience, at the right time and in the right place.

Today's digital companies no longer buy their campaigns directly from content editors (publishers) or via advertising agencies, but via a technological ecosystem called "Programmatic Advertising". Programmatic Advertising or Programmatic Purchase automates the processes of buying space and delivering banners, automating targeting, enriching targeting with data (1st and 3rd party data), achieving similar audiences (lookalike)… .and considerably lower the cost of purchase thanks to an auction model.

The opportunities of programmatic are beyond comparison with the old solutions and do not stop at the display since we also manage DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) and Connected TV campaigns.

On the other hand, mastering this ecosystem (ad exchanges, DMP, DSP, SSP, etc.) is extremely complex.

This is why we have joined forces with a world-leading trading desk called Zeta Global (ex-IgnitionOne) to operate your display and social campaigns (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.). Zeta allows us to offer you global and always ultra-targeted visibility.

In order to guide you in estimating the budget to invest in your campaigns, we have developed an advertising budget simulator that will allow you to test different options by obtaining results forecasts.

Our main programmatic advertising services:

TEST OFFER: we offer you up to CHF 5'000 in media budget for a first campaign in order to boost your traffic (subject to conditions). Contact us to receive your offer .
BEONPERF EXCLUSIVE: Score Powered Programmatic. Optimized campaigns thanks to the scoring of your visitors. More info here.
Setting up a test campaign in parallel with your usual supplier to challenge the results.
Implementation of visibility and notoriety campaigns (reach).
Implementation of conversion campaigns ("derived" by the CPA and the ROAS).
Setting up lead campaigns.
Implementation of retargeting campaigns.
Implementation of online retails campaigns on the sites of major global retailers such as Amazon.
Evaluation and / or creation of an attribution model.
Campaign tagging plan.
Campaign audits.

We know how to implement campaigns that simultaneously test hundreds of targeting parameters. We target on the basis of behavioral, device, socio-demographic, geolocated (with an accuracy of up to one meter) and intentional criteria (1st and 3rd party data), etc. Target evaluation and ROI optimization are assisted by a unique machine learning tool (scoring) whose algorithm uses more than 70 variables to drive optimizations. On the creation side, we can either use your own set of banners, or create some for you thanks to our senior graphic designers.

We offer you an economic model based on performance after a first test campaign. We then jointly define your goals, for example the CPA or the volume of transactions and then you only pay on the basis of the results achieved.

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