Set-up and follow-up of your Web analytics (website performance measurement)

Web analytics are software whose market is dominated by Google Analytics, which is a free service with more than 85% of the global market share. This analysis platform allows you to obtain precise data on the activity of visitors to your site and consequently, to precisely study the audience, the number of visits, their origin, the number of page views, your bounce rate, all in real time. Its operation is relatively simple: thanks to a code inserted on all the pages of your website, Google recovers the data created by each Internet user visiting your site. These allow you to define any problems related to your site and to be able to take actions to resolve them. Thus, Google Analytics allows us to optimize your website and your visitors' navigation as much as possible in order to achieve your goals.

We support you in setting up your Google Analytics account or, if it already exists, in analyzing your performance and providing you with reports on it. We help you to interpret the various measures identified by Google Analytics and translate them into corrective actions.

If necessary, we can take care of the entire summary of the data collected, on a monthly basis for example, and their restitution in an actionable form (identification of KPIs, problems to be solved, recommendations).

Our main services in Web analytics:

Creation and configuration of the Google Analytics or Matomo account.
Tagging of your pages.
Google Analytics account audit (properties, views, objectives, etc).
Monthly analysis and performance reports.
Visualization of essential data.
Monitoring of the main KPIs, alerts and recommendations.

The benefits of this tool for your site are numerous. Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Understand your website activity: increases and decreases in traffic, the most visited pages, etc.
  • Know your visitors better: you can know from which country (ies) they are visiting your site, their gender, their centers of interest, if they are new visitors, on what medium they read your site (tablet, computer, smartphone, etc.), what they are looking for in priority, etc.
  • Improve your natural referencing (SEO): identify the keywords typed that make your website stand out in search engines, but also its positioning in search results.
  • Optimize your website: you can know the customer journey on your site and identify the vanishing points.
  • Improve your site's conversion rate by identifying conversion funnels and their possible "pain points".

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