Solutions for compliance with the RGPD and the FADP in relation to cookies

We detail on our blog the conditions of application of the GDPR ("General Regulation on Data Protection" enacted by the European Union in 2018) on Swiss territory and the rules imposed by the new FADP (Federal Act on Data Protection) implemented by Berne. You will find in our articles the conditions to be respected and the risks incurred.

Among all the measures to take to bring your site into compliance with these two laws, there is one that is relatively simple but crucial: obtaining consent for the deposit of cookies on the browsers of visitors to your site. There is a very good chance that your site will deposit functional and/or advertising cookies. This is the case, for example, if you use Google Analytics or if you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Criteo, etc.

In this case you must legally allow your visitors to refuse these cookies before they are deposited. This last condition is very important because many solutions on the market do not respect it and are therefore non-compliant. We offer you a solution that is 100% compliant with the requirements of the GDPR and the new FADP. Do not take the risk of using a solution that seems to protect you but in reality does not respect the rules set by law.

First of all, check whether or not your site uses cookies. Then, in order to bring you into compliance with the GDPR and/or the new FADP, it is imperative to install a Consent Management Platform (CMP) on your site, also called more simply "cookie banner".

We offer you a CMP whose operation perfectly meets the requirements of European and Swiss laws. As these evolve regularly (new requirements, case law), it is also imperative to have a scalable tool whose designers guarantee long-term compliance.

Gathering consent is the first interaction between you and your visitors. It is therefore essential that this experience leaves a good impression. Our cookie banner solution, 100% GDPR and FADP compliant, gives the visitor the feeling of being truly welcome. It helps to build trust thus ensuring greater buy-in. Fully customizable, illustrations, typography, texts, colors, graphic style, our cookie banner's primary mission is to integrate perfectly to your universe.

Our cookie management solution

Solution by monthly subscription (automatic updates and maintenance included)from 19 CHF / month.
Unlimited page views.
Cookie scanner to detect your cookies and their behavior during a visit.
Statistics: number of page views, first visits, subsequent visits.
Graphic customization 100% to your charter.
Complies with GDPR requirements and the new LPD, future developments included.
Unlimited number of visitors to your site.
Consent register management.
Marketing and contractual consent modules: direct integration of your T&Cs, T&Cs and other legal document subject to consent in a widget. Ideal for your forms and subscription to your newsletter.

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