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We are a Web & a 360° or "full services" digital agency located in Geneva. But we are not a "classic" digital agency. A traditional digital agency employs various experts and then sells this sum of expertise to its client. Such an agency acts from its own capacities and tries to make them compatible with the needs of its client in the logic of the law known as "of the instrument or law of the hammer":

Maslow's hammer: “If all you have is a hammer , everything looks like a nail” (1966, The Psychology of Science).

We do the opposite. We start from the needs of our clients, then we select the appropriate expertise .

We may therefore be led, when necessary, to source solutions from partners for our customers according to their real needs. On the other hand, for recurring missions (SEO, SEA, social networks, Web development, etc.), our digital agency has its own teams. We can therefore take on important mandates despite the small size of our structure. In the same way, we can intervene on a wide scope of skills and digital solutions.

We are like an architectural firm that designs the appropriate solution, selects the appropriate professionals, coordinates and supervises the work on behalf of its client . Our service offer therefore greatly exceeds our own production capacities thanks to our numerous partnerships. For more information, see our FAQ.

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History, missions and values

The agency's founder, Alain Pezzoni, started his digital career in 1996, when the Internet was arriving in Europe. He has never ceased to be passionate about this universe. He spent 20 years at Air France KLM exercising responsibilities in digital marketing and e-commerce. In 2012, he co-founded an e-commerce startup, Skioo.com, before buying and running the digital agency BeOnPerf in 2014 (born 2 years earlier ). Recognized as a digital expert, Alain frequently speaks at conferences and gives courses in digital marketing and e-commerce in various institutions since 2009. past experiences and his deep curiosity for digital, he has given the agency a dual strategic and operational culture. The level of expertise is guaranteed by the desire to employ only "senior" profiles (10 years of minimum experience).

This is why at BeOnPerf, we are able to analyze in depth the needs of our customers but we are also able to go in depth into the tools and technologies used .

Given this double axis of skills - strategic and technical - we support many startups that need to be advised on the structuring elements of their activity: market, marketing positioning, logistics, marketing strategy, corporate governance, financing, etc. For these customers, we therefore go very high up in the value chain before going back down to the level of technologies and levers to be favored for the Go to market.

It is because of this same double axis of skills that we are also called upon to respond to very specific needs in large companies because their general interlocutors (internal and external) often do not have sufficient know-how in the face of very specific issues. For example, when it comes to gaining positions in SEO on long-tail keywords, solving customer data problems in silos, setting up attribution models to calculate the contribution of each lever, reduce acquisition costs thanks to artificial intelligence, etc.

One of the reasons why we are able to address very specific issues of this type is that we have surrounded ourselves with a constellation of ultra-expert partners each in its field. We obviously do not claim to master everything, but working for years in the digital ecosystem, we have identified and tested "nuggets". Our pride on a daily basis is to bring these "nuggets" to our customers, including small SMEs or startups. One of our main added values consists precisely in exercising a permanent work of watch in the ecosystem of MarTech (Marketing Technologies) and AdTech (Avertising Technologies) to source the most innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Finally, we have two strong moral requirements vis-à-vis our customers: 1. controlling their costs which leads us to never trap our customers in a contract. Whatever the reason, it is always possible to suspend a collaboration with us, without any financial consequences. 2. transparency on the tools used. Our customers all have access to the back office of the tools, to the teams of the partners, to the dashboards of the results. If they decide to take control of the devices, they can do so overnight. No "black box" at BeOnPerf ;)

These values and our expertise mean that more than 95% of our customers have remained loyal to us since the start of our collaboration. And the few who have left come back in most cases....Do not hesitate to ask them their opinion on our services, we will gladly put you in touch with them.

Our strengths

360° digital expertise
Senior team +20 years
Value for money
Proximity (Geneva)

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