Chatbots development

Chatbots, also known as virtual assistants, are programs equipped with an artificial intelligence engine allowing a dialogue with an interlocutor. The chatbot follows a well-defined scenario to best process a request such as an order, reservation or product search, schedules, etc. It integrates into your website or a messaging platform such as Messenger or WhatsApp. All companies have a large number of customers or prospects who use Messenger or WhatsApp, given the number of account holders on these social networks. Therefore, offering a Messenger or WhatsApp bot to its customers is just as obvious as offering them an email address to be contacted.

Chatbots can welcome, inform, guide and advise potential customers based on a few keywords used by the visitor. These chatbots are one of the cheapest ways to answer a prospect's simple questions without investing in sales staff.

We speak of “machine learning” and artificial intelligence for chatbots because they use NLP (Natural Language Programming) capabilities, nevertheless their scenarios must be designed by humans who know the field (account managers, salespeople, call center agents ) in order to refine interactions based on real cases encountered with customers and prospects.

The preferred areas of a simple chatbot for limited budgets are: order management or reservations (hotels, restaurants, hairdressers, etc.), questions about schedules or product availability in stores, price requests, making appointments for the liberal professions.

Our main services:

Design, configuration and maintenance of website chatbots, Messenger or WhatsApp chatbots.
Advice for the scripting of the bot.
Connection of the bot to the company's CRM or via other web services (Zapier, IFTTT, Tensorflow, etc.).
Chatbot audit (analysis of scenarios, dead ends and inconsistencies).

A chatbot is not just for large companies and the B2C field. It is also very effective for an SME, especially in B2B, and while its features remain classic, it is inexpensive both in design and use.

The list of benefits of a chatbot is long, here are the main ones:

  • It automates customer service: chatbots are mainly used to answer simple questions from users or help them find specific information. If the customer is faced with a more complex problem that cannot be solved by the chatbot, then the chatbot will direct them to the appropriate department.
  • It offers a 24/7 response: customers who ask their question via live chat expect an immediate response. This is what a chatbot offers. No queues and instant response day or night. You meet your customers' expectations as quickly as possible. Something to leave a good impression.
  • It boosts sales: your customers can order your products directly via your chatbot. They no longer need to call you or search your website for long. All they need to do is ask what they want and the chatbot will find it for them. Thus, the sales process is simplified and the customer experience greatly improved. In addition, the chatbot can also suggest other products that may be of interest to your customers or prospects and thus generate additional sales.
  • It can influence purchasing decisions: you can turn your chatbot into a personal assistant. The latter then interacts with the future customer and asks him questions in order to target his preferences, offer him personalized advice and offer him products that he may like.
  • It takes care of the payment: now, chatbots can directly integrate the majority of existing payment solutions. This helps to facilitate the sales process and make it faster.
  • It helps you get to know your customers better: the chatbot will allow you to collect various information about your current and potential customers.
  • He is never stressed, neither tired, nor depressive, neither protesting nor demotivated;)

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