E-mail marketing & newsletters strategies and tools

Real strategic tools to retain your customers or even recruit new ones, e-mailing and the newsletter are elements that need to be hyper-personalized and optimized. For most digitized businesses, email marketing is the number one channel for online sales. It is therefore essential to deliver a powerful and targeted message to your customers in order to optimize your conversions. In addition, it is also essential that your e-mailings are compatible with the mobile because the majority of e-mails are opened on smartphones.

Email marketing or e-mailing is often confused with newsletters when in reality it is broader. We distinguish on the one hand the newsletters which imply a constant format, a constant frequency and an editorial line that can be found in each edition, and on the other hand the e-mailings triggered by a news or a given theme (promotion , event, invitation, etc.) or even those that respond to a personalized mailing scenario. For this last category of e-mail marketing, we most often speak of e-mail marketing lifecycle, trigger marketing or even marketing automation. If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to visit our page dedicated to marketing automation.

Our main e-mail marketing services:

Conception of the template of the newsletter (template) in html format and responsive design.
Conception of the design of your e-mailings (responsive html template).
Integration of your designs or creation of new designs with our graphic designers.
A / B testing of designs and / or content.
Routing of your e-mailings or newsletters via our partner platforms or the platform you have selected.
Management of your databases of e-mail addresses (standardization, enrichment, blacklists).
Post-mailing performance reporting (open rate, clicks, bounce, interactions, unsubscriptions, etc.).
Integration of email catchers on your site (email capture popups based on triggers).
Training in best practices for management by your teams (training on concepts and tools).

A successful email marketing strategy can:

  • Build customer loyalty through a personalized and targeted message.
  • Generate post-click sales from email marketing.
  • Extend your customer base via an efficient prospecting tool at low cost.
  • Encourage internet users to take action through a striking design oriented towards conversion.
  • Increase the average order basket for an e-commerce site thanks to cross-selling and up-selling offers.

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