Search Engine Optimization or SEO (organic search)

SEO or organic search is the main acquisition channel in a conversion tunnel. It is more present than any other channel (newsletters, display, SEA, social networks, etc).

In addition, SEO is the only digital marketing lever that does not require any media expenditure. Its efficiency / price ratio is unbeatable.

But if you don't invest marketing budget with Google (92% of searches in Europe) you will have to invest efforts in analysis and optimization of your website.

This is where we come in to help you. We first perform a complete SEO audit thanks to a powerful tool. This audit allows us to identify the weak points and opportunities, especially in relation to your competitors.

Then we advise you on the measures to take on your site to correct the errors and take advantage of the opportunities. If necessary, you give us the keys and we intervene directly on your site.

Finally, we monitor the performance of your organic search over time and produce a monthly report that allows you to follow the evolution of your positions, your SEO traffic and make the right decisions along the way.

We use many advanced tools that allow us to finely analyze your technical SEO, your backlinks, your semantic content, your positions compared to your competitors, the opportunities of keywords. We also advise you on content generation tools assisted by artificial intelligence (NLP) as well as on tools for monitoring your performance to make you autonomous in the long run.

For large e-commerce sites, we have an exclusive SEO-as-a-Service solution to generate ultra-optimized category pages for each keyword. This solution allows you to gain a lot of positions on the long tail compared to your competitors.

Our main SEO services:

TECHNICAL SEO AUDIT (300 CHF): order your site audit. We will provide you with a report that will indicate the "health" score of your site and the various detailed actions to be taken to correct the problems detected.
BEONPERF EXCLUSIVE "SEO-as-a-Service": a tool to improve your SEO without intervention on your site thanks to Artificial Intelligence. More information here.
SEO strategy audit.
Identification of strategic keywords (search terms, monthly volumes).
On-site optimizations (Page Speed, mobile first, AMP pages, javascripts, etc.)
SEO optimized web writing.
Support for website redesign (redirects, writing urls, multi-lingual sites and Hreflang markup, etc.).
Integration of plugins for CMS.
Performance reports including, depending on the option chosen, a follow-up of the SEO performance of competitors.

For our SEO missions we rely on tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush and tools used by developers. We can also train your internal teams so that they acquire the best practices recommended by search engines.

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