Inbound marketing & content marketing strategies

Inbound marketing is distinguished from other techniques by the principle of attracting Internet users to your site with quality content that makes them want to consult your product and service offering. Inbound marketing therefore allows you to generate a more qualified audience and to set up a traffic acquisition strategy based on content that will at the same time optimize your natural referencing (SEO).

The first step is therefore to generate qualified traffic on your site. However, to attract your audience to your site and develop your notoriety, it will be necessary to go through the creation of quality content on your blog, on your site, the SEO optimization of your content with the choice of good keywords then the use of social networks to share it. The objective is to bring Internet users to your site by providing them with useful messages and information.

Then, it will be necessary to convert your visitors into prospects thanks to the implementation of call-to-action at the end of your blog articles or the creation of optimized landing pages. Finally, it will be about turning your prospects into customers. Not all of your leads will be at the same level in the buying cycle. Thus, you will have to send them premium content like personalized offers to convert them into customers. This is called a lead nurturing strategy.

Our main inbound marketing services:

SEO optimized and engaging web copywriting (creativity, style, storytelling capabilities) by professional copywriters.
Content creation: white papers, blog posts, podcasts, studies, webinars, etc.
Scripting conversion tunnels (CTA, landing pages, forms).
Research of influencers and launch of paid influencer campaigns.

An inbound marketing strategy offers many advantages and complements the rest of the digital device with high profitability. These are the main advantages:

  • Development of your audience and the reach of your social networks.
  • High profitability of your actions because they do not require a media budget and attract leads by nature qualified because they are interested in your content.
  • Development of your notoriety through the distribution of content on the web.
  • Building your credibility thanks to the seriousness of your content and the added value conveyed.
  • Sustainability of your marketing strategy because the actions implemented have their effect in the long term.

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