Search Engine Advertising (paid search or PPC).

“Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” -type campaigns allow you to show your ads to a large audience of users, local or global, who are looking for your products or services on the Google Search Network or a other search engines (Bing, Yandex, Baidu….).

For this type of campaign we speak of "pull marketing" in the sense that customers come to you through their searches on search engines, as opposed to "push marketing" campaigns in which you "push" an ad to a target that has not requested your products. Pull marketing is by far the most relevant digital marketing lever because it addresses a target that expresses a need by typing keywords. There is therefore synchronicity between the expression of the demand and your offer, both in terms of its nature and timing.

SEA campaigns on Google Ads are perfectly suited not only to B2C but also to B2B because most companies look for the services they need first on search engines (lawyers, consulting services, recruitment, tools, machines, experts, etc).

The objectives of SEA are first to identify specific keywords related to your products and services (or used by your competitors). Then, it is about positioning your website on Google search results by aiming for the best ratio between your position (rank on the search page) and the cost to acquire this position.The SEA optimizations are very numerous. Optimization platforms such as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)ou bien Amazon Sponsored Products (AMS)are complex to master and require strong expertise that we put at your service as an official Google partner.

In order to guide you in estimating the budget to invest in your SEA campaigns, we have developed an advertising budget simulator that will allow you to test different options by obtaining forecast results.

Our main SEA services:

Audit of Google Ads accounts.
Resumption and optimization of campaigns.
Creation of new account and structuring of new campaigns.
Creation of Google Shopping campaigns.
Setting up search remarketing lists (RLSA).
Implementation of remarketing in display.
Implementation of dynamic remarketing.
Targeting by similar audiences.
Targeting your own customers (Cutomer Match).
Amazon Sponsored Products (AMS).

Our services include finding the right redirect pages to your site as well as advice on optimizing your landing pages.We optimize budgets based on results and your objectives (traffic, conversions, leads, ROAS, etc.)

A monthly and commented report on the results obtained allows you to keep you informed of the performance of the campaigns and to put in place the necessary adjustments to obtain an optimal ROI for your campaigns. This reporting is transmitted via Looker Studio (ex-Google Data Studio) to allow it to be updated in real time.

Finally, transparency being part of our DNA, you will have access to your account 24 hours a day and will be able to judge the results and our actions in complete freedom.

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