Increase the traffic on your site in B2C or B2B, gain visibility and brand awareness.

At BeOnPerf we rely on the data and expertise of our traffic managers to develop personalized traffic acquisition strategies focused on measurable performance. We define the KPIs with you and then implement the levers that allow them to be improved. These strategies can go through the creation of content (inbound marketing) that will attract traffic to your site, or through the purchase of traffic (SEA, social ads, RTB display, influencer platforms, etc.). All strategies are tested and challenged against each other in order to continuously improve performance. For paid campaigns, we A / B test the devices and multiply the targeting techniques in order to continuously optimize the ROI. You are never committed beyond the budget already spent and can stop campaigns at any time if you are not satisfied with the results).


Develop your sales or leads, get into e-commerce or online retail.

We will start by assessing the potential of levers that do not require media buying. If these are already activated and the conversion funnel already optimized, we will offer you acquisition strategies in search, display, social ads, Amazon Marketing Services in a logic of maximizing ROI and ROAS (Return On Ad Spent). Our strategies are very sophisticated and are based on in-depth knowledge of local as well as international digital tools and ecosystems (including Yandex, Baidu, WeChat, Weibo, Amazon). All of our optimizations are based on the collection and analysis of data. While conversion is always the ultimate goal, it is not at all costs. Our experience allows us to know how to maximize the ratio between the volume and the cost of the conversion (optimized CPA).


Reduce your acquisition costs and improve your ROI.

BeOnPerf combines its expertise in attribution management with that of campaign management to develop strategies for optimizing acquisition costs. This approach concerns both the levers to be used and the conversion mechanics: keyword strategies, media, messages, visuals, combination of levers between them, complementarity of acquisition and retargeting, etc. Independence being at the heart of our DNA, we have no interest in promoting any particular solution (By the way). This independence and the hyper-specialization of our experts guarantee you both the most total objectivity of our advice and the most advanced expertise on each of the acquisition levers. We work on consulting missions as well as on the management of your campaigns or simple audits of your solutions. We can also set up "pilots" in parallel with your solutions in order to compare the results against your existing devices.


Digitize your business

The digitization or digital transformation of a company is a set of processes that aims to benefit from the many advantages of digital in 4 axes. First of all, change your "Business model", by answering a question such as "How to generate revenue, margin, in a digital and connected world? ". 2nd axis, it is about putting your customers at the heart of your system. The question to ask is: “Do my services meet the expectations and uses, present and future, of my consumers? ". The 3rd axis is that of your organization (process, flexibility, agility, collaborative work, etc.). Last area: your data and the automation of marketing and sales processes. At BeOnPerf we have more than 20 years of professional life in digital, methodologies (in particular developed by IMD in Lausanne) and finally a network of independent experts who allow us to support you in your digital transformation whatever the axis to work.


Outsource your digital marketing and get support from experts.

We have worked in companies like yours, in sales and marketing positions. We are therefore well aware of the challenges of training digital teams in a context of permanent change requiring sorting between “buzz words” and underlying trends. More and more companies are choosing to outsource all or part of these skills because they have understood the difficulty of maintaining them at the highest level. Indeed, openness to innovation and new trends is hardly compatible with the requirements that weigh on internal teams such as productivity or speed of execution. However, a team of external consultants, also involved in the execution of your marketing, is the best way to maintain this openness and, ultimately, your ability to incorporate innovation into complex organizations.

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