Online contests

BeOnPerf is recognized by dozens of major brands for having produced a large number of pooled contests in Switzerland.

Depending on your project and your marketing or commercial objectives, we advise you on the type of contest to design: contest for social networks (via a game design platform dedicated to social networks), web contests optimized for the desktop as for the mobile (responsive) can be used on social networks but also outside, and finally competitions pooled between different brands in order to exchange leads and boost attractiveness by pooling prizes.

These 3 families of contests respond to very different mechanics and various marketing objectives such as collecting leads, distributing discount coupons, engaging your communities on social networks, making online sales, promoting a service or a product. , gain visibility via viral mechanics, etc.

For games dedicated to social networks we use a dedicated development application and for other contests (your own game or shared with other brands) we provide you with our Social Jackpot platform (proprietary tool) already used by dozens of brands such as Air France, Migros, Nestlé, Ebookers, La Redoute, Salt, etc.

Our main services:

BEONPERF EXCLUSIVE. Create viral contests with the Social Jackpot. More information here.
Development of specific contests for social networks.
Development of tailor-made contests dedicated to your business (mechanical, design, interactions, integration with your CRM, etc.).
Creation of mutualized, multi-partner contests, in order to exchange optin leads and benefit from high visibility (impact of partners on communication and the prizes involved).

Here are the main advantages of using online contests:

  • Animate and interact with your digital communities (email database, social networks, visitors to your site).
  • Increase your audiences via the virality of the game (additional chances via invitations, shares on social networks).
  • Promote a product or service by scripting the game around it and making it win.
  • Create an offline / online link via couponing techniques or discount codes available on your physical products or in store.
  • Recruit and qualify new prospects through a participation form that collects data.
  • Qualify / Segment your databases by encouraging your prospects and customers to play knowing that the registration form will allow the collection of new data (age, gender , interests, phone, etc).
  • Boost the number of visitors and the number of visitors to your website thanks to virality.
  • Increase your number of fans and followers on social networks.

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