Our social media solutions

Social Media Marketing is divided into two categories: on the one hand, actions to disseminate and optimize the natural (organic) reach of publications on social networks, or SMO (Social Media Optimization), on the other hand, actions of dissemination and optimization of advertisements via paid platforms offered by the various social networks, or SMA (Social Media Advertising).

There are therefore two, often complementary, ways of being present on social networks, one in an "organic" way, the other in a paid way. The second allows you to have a quantitative impact that the first can no longer offer (organic posts only reach 5 to 15% of your community).

To this is added a third component, that of Community Management which encompasses SMO and e-reputation. Community Management consists of managing your community from the angle of marketing strategy (CRM, customer care, positioning, branding, proximity to the market, etc.).

As part of your paid campaigns on social networks (Social Ads) and in order to guide you in estimating the budget to invest, we have developed an advertising budget simulator that will allow you to test different options by obtaining forecast results.

Our main services:

Social Media audit
Online contests on social networks
E-reputation (monitoring & advices)
Facebook Ads (incl. Instagram)
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
YouTube Ads
SMO and Community Management on Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok.

BeOnPerf works on SMO, SMA and Community Management. We recommend that brands manage Community Management internally as much as possible. However, we can take care of this service, especially at the start of your social media strategy (from the creation of your accounts on social networks to the first posts) to then give you the keys when scaling up. Likewise, we can support you on a consulting mission to manage and optimize your community (s).

Finally, we can take care of your Social Media Advertising campaigns which require significant technical know-how. For this part, we recommend that you call on professionals familiar with media buying platforms, such as Facebook Business Manager or LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

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