Lead generation

The "lead generation" or collection of leads is the set of actions carried out by the marketing and sales teams of a company to recover leads, in other words, to recover contacts likely to turn into customers, whether operate in the B2B or B2C sector.

These marketing actions and techniques create a process that will attract the prospect to your conversion funnel. For this, we rely on various digital marketing levers such as content production, natural referencing, SEA, e-mailing, social networks, corporate blogs, etc. These levers all work together to ensure that the potential customer, therefore perfectly targeted, provides his contact information (by becoming a lead) to conclude a purchase or initiate a commercial relationship when the sales process is complex (insurance, banking, advice, etc. ).

Lead generation is an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy, the objective of which is to naturally attract a user to your site by providing them with targeted and relevant offers.

It is therefore rarely a question of exercising a single lever but rather of combining different mechanisms within an overall strategy. The systems differ depending on the sector, the nature of the lead (B2B or B2C), the precision of targeting, the action expected from the prospect, the existing resources and the systems already involved in this process within the company. your company.

Our main services:

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Offer attractive content for download or streaming (e-book, white paper, podcast, webinar, etc.).
Write high value, SEO optimized blog posts.
Work on your SEO in a holistic way.
Collect leads via a dedicated landing page.
Collect leads in SEA via Google Ads.
Buy qualified traffic, enriched in particular with 3rd party data.
Work carefully with CTAs (call-to-action) on your various media.
Use social networks in a social selling process.
Create viral contests.
Carry out a co-branding operation with a partner brand that complements your offers.
Distribute coupons or coupons.
Set up an affiliate program.
Look for profiles on social networks especially across groups or competitor pages.

Whatever device we advise you to implement, we will also work on performance indicators (objectives on Google Analytics for example) so that we are able to precisely measure the contribution of each channel to the achievement of your goals.

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