Conversion funnel optimization solutions

Conversion is the action that a visitor will perform on your website. Thus, when a visitor starts an action, he enters the conversion funnel and ideally comes out as a customer. It is therefore a key performance indicator of your website that measures its ability to turn your visitors into customers. Only, to convert your prospects, your site must be built in such a way as to optimize your conversion tunnel. For this, it is important to perfect all the steps to convert your Internet users and therefore to limit as much as possible the brakes they may encounter.

If one in two customers makes a purchase in a physical store, it is not the same on the internet. Indeed, the average conversion rate does not exceed 2%. This is why knowing and identifying the right conversion levers for your business requires specialized skills as well as the implementation of specific measurement tools (eye tracking, mouse tracking, etc.). We will first identify the quick optimizations on your current site and then we will suggest more in-depth strategies.

Our main conversion funnel optimization services:

BEONPERF EXCLUSIVE: predictive attention score assisted by Artificial Intelligence (web page, banner, etc.) + graphic clarity score vs Alexa benchmark.
Web to store or retail strategies.
A/B testing.
User tests (panels).
Web personalization.
Website audit.
Home page audit.
Product page audit.
Optimization of the conversion funnel (path).
Eye tracking / mouse tracking.

There are many factors that influence your conversion rate, which is why it's more difficult to convert visitors online than in a physical store. So, here is a non-exhaustive list of actions that we can take to improve it:

  • Alignment between your promise and your offer.
  • Define precise targeting for your campaigns.
  • Work on the ergonomics of your site.
  • Build trust in your site by using customer reviews.
  • Measure your conversion rate at each stage of your conversion funnel to limit blockages.
  • Shorten your conversion tunnel.
  • Optimize your call-to-action.
  • Manage your acquisition campaigns with a high funnel / mid-funnel / low-funnel strategy.

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