Our marketing automation solutions

Marketing automation broadly refers to the automation of marketing campaigns triggered by a set of predefined conditions and based on user behavior. It is possible to automate the sending of emails, sms, contact segmentation, lead scoring or even lead nurturing.

Automation is done through pre-designed scenarios depending on user behavior: for example, sending a welcome email when subscribing to a list or a follow-up email when he abandons a basket.

Autoresponder, trigger marketing, lifecyle e-mail marketing or even automated emails: all these words refer to the automation of marketing tasks, we will limit ourselves here to the use of the term "marketing automation".

Email marketing consists of sending an email to a list of contacts (one to many). It usually serves a fairly broad purpose, such as announcing promotions, new products, or sending topical content through a newsletter.

On the contrary, marketing automation sends automatic and targeted emails (one to one), triggered by specific actions of your contacts. These are therefore more timely and individually calibrated messages for each user based on their progress in the customer journey.

Our main marketing automation services:

Select then configure a marketing automation solution adapted to your company.
Create and configure the various marketing scenarios (welcome e-mail, cart relaunch, birthday e-mail, sending of a reduction coupon after an order, etc.).
Advise you in the scenarios to create in the case of internal use of the marketing automation tool.
Develop and configure tailor-made scenarios via webhooks without having to go through a marketing automation platform.
Create a chatbot and interface it with your site and your CRM.

Marketing automation makes it possible to generate leads, in particular through lead nurturing and lead scoring. It also improves your email marketing through segmentation and dynamic management of your contact lists. Finally, marketing automation is a strong lever for customer relations: by triggering the sending of emails on specific actions, marketing automation allows you to address each of your contacts individually when they are most receptive.

Here is a summary of the advantages of marketing automation:

  • Automate repetitive tasks that can be based on predefined conditions: lead qualification, abandoned cart relaunch, etc.
  • Generate more leads with contextualized email capture.
  • Lower your acquisition costs by making your site more efficient in converting visitors into prospects.
  • Increase your conversions thanks to both stronger and more relevant marketing pressure (context, timing, message): up-selling, cross-selling, couponing, etc.
  • Increase the number of quote requests on your site.
  • Significantly improve your email marketing strategy by integrating mailings contextualized in relation to the journey of your prospect or customer.

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