Deploy ChatGPT in your company, select and implement AI-enhanced marketing applications

We study and select digital applications for our customers that use artificial intelligence, often based on generative AI such as ChatGPT, to offer advanced solutions to marketers and boost productivity. These solutions, most of the time monetized as SaaS, can either be operated by our customers once we have helped them select them (self-service), or operated by ourselves according to our customers' needs and resources (managed services).

They often replace previously "manual" solutions, particularly in the field of text production (translation, copywriting, storytelling, SEO, etc.) or image and video processing (creation, graphic design, video editing, etc.), or even in the design of marketing strategies (creation of personae, data analysis, scenario generation, business ideas, etc.). As a result, costs are drastically reduced compared to previous approaches, while performance is significantly increased thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

These solutions should be seen as "assistants" for digital marketers, insofar as they provide a performance boost made possible by the incredible advance of AI.

On the other hand, we offer specific skills in deploying ChatGPT in a professional context, through in-depth expertise in prompt engineering and iteration processes linked to ChatGPT, as well as in-depth knowledge of the API linked to this AI. Since the launch of GPT Assistants, it has been possible to have ChatGPT perform complex tasks in a professional context, such as writing a business plan, analyzing performance reports, designing a pitch deck or sales presentation, conducting a competitive study, carrying out a prospective study, analyzing consumer needs, and so on. Discover dozens of examples of GPTs on this site for inspiration.

For a project of this kind, we offer workshops to identify requirements, then program and deploy ChatGPT to meet them. On request, we can also transfer skills in this field to our customers.

Our main services in Artificial Intelligence :

Benchmarking of the AI tools best suited to your needs.
Search for AI tools that will boost the performance of your digital teams.
Implementation of its solutions (managed services).
Programming and implementing ChatGPT within your company to meet a specific need.
Development of GPTs (Assistants/Copilots) in order to resolve a business problem on a recurring basis.

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