SEO, content marketing and inbound marketing mission

EMC Gestion de fortune is a Geneva-based company made up of experts and asset managers. Its marketing is based on word of mouth and lead nurturing, in particular thanks to natural referencing allowing EMC to emerge in Google searches of potential prospects.

Goals and proposed solutions

BeOnPerf, through its mission of strategic consulting for EMC, identified the opportunity to improve the natural referencing of the site and thus gain positions on Google for strategic keywords. BeOnPerf therefore suggested to its client to first conduct an SEO audit of the site and then to make a number of recommendations going as far as the guided creation of content (writing titles, tags, keyword injection, density of words , etc).


The audit having made it possible to identify both the weak points of EMC in SEO but also the strong points of its competitors, a certain number of contents (new pages) were created in order to position perfectly on the keywords identified strategies.

This SEO approach made it possible to achieve the following results over a period of 6 months:

  • + 44% organic visitors (Google Analytics)
  • + 51.20% sessions on organic visitors
  • -15.01% bounce rate on organic traffic

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