Online contest LeShop.ch

LeShop.ch, a subsidiary of Migros, is a pioneer online supermarket in the Swiss market since its beginning in 2000. Its model consists mainly of selling food products and its growth has been very strong in recent years despite very strong competition.

Goals and proposed solutions

LeShop called on BeOnPerf to fulfill a dual objective: generate new leads and increase online sales.

Building on its long experience in collecting leads through contests, BeOnPerf offered LeShop.ch a game intended to distribute discount coupons in order to increase conversions, as well as a viral game mechanic to collect new leads by relying on players from LeShop.ch customer bases. BeOnPerf has thus made its Jackpot Game platform available to its client, the functions of which are precisely aligned with the objectives defined by LeShop.


Thus, for more than 3 months, LeShop was able to send traffic to the BeOnPerf gaming platform from its customer bases and thus generate a large number of conversions thanks to the large-scale couponing of discount coupons through the winning mechanism. . In addition, the latter was also able to generate new leads through the virality of the concept.

Here are some of the KPIs of the operation:

  • 67,462 registered players
  • 55,287 discount coupons distributed
  • 26,416 new leads collected by viral mechanics

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