Programmatic display acquisition campaign (sales) is a generalist e-commerce site in Switzerland, initially focused on private sales and local “deals”. For a few years now, Deindeal and its sister brand in Romandie, My Store, have extended their product portfolio to many categories such as cosmetics, home decor, children's universe, travel, etc.

Goals and proposed solutions

Deindeal wanted in 2019 to increase awareness of its travel offer and generate growing income in this very competitive segment in Switzerland.

BeOnPerf proposed to Deindeal to set up a conquest campaign in programmatic display with a very sophisticated performance management (e-CPM driven by the CPA and based on a commitment scoring method) in order to generate both volume and excellent ROAS (Return On Ad Spent) even though pure acquisition (incremental without retargeting) in a market as competitive as travel is a real challenge.


BeOnPerf therefore developed and then managed with its partner trading desk the campaign optimizations for several weeks in order to achieve a very satisfactory objective for the sector in a context of pure conquest (100% of new customers). Achieving these results has notably enabled BeOnPerf to take over the management of other budgets for its client, including retargeting as a common thread.

  • 28,561 conversions (1 conversion = 1 touch point within the conversion tunnel)
  • CPA (Costs Per Action, here cost per sale): CHF 15
  • 996 Sales
  • Average CPM: 2.01 CHF

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