Online contest and lead generation

ESL is one of the pioneers of language study trips around the world and today among the very first leaders in this sector.

Goals and proposed solutions

ESL called on BeOnPerf in order to primarily collect new leads in 12 of its key markets in Europe and America, but also to increase its number of fans on Facebook. BeOnPerf proposed to set up a contest with viral mechanics using sponsorship via Facebook and sending emails.

This competition was to be based on a partner capable of offering attractive prizes but also of generating leads from its own communication on the 12 countries concerned by the campaign. Air France has been chosen as a partner for this operation.


After designing the game platform and recruiting the partner Air France, BeOnPerf steered the campaign by coordinating in particular the communication levers between the two companies on all the markets concerned. This complex coordination allowed the partner Air France to fully play its role of lead provider to ESL in addition to the viral mechanics.

Here are some KPIs of the operation:

  • 74,742 registered players
  • Conversion rate: 54.45% (conversion of visitors to players)
  • Virality rate: 6.64 (1 player generates 6.64 invitations)
  • 20,709 new leads collected thanks to viral mechanics
  • 4,261 new ESL fans on Facebook

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