Redesign of the hotel website

The Yule is a 5-star spa hotel on the snow front in Val d'Isère. This prestigious establishment attracts a French and international clientele seasonally between December and April each year.

Goals and proposed solutions

The management of Hotel Le Yule asked BeOnPerf in a call for tenders to redesign its website in order to improve its image and economic performance.

BeOnPerf suggested to Yule to create a site based on a template in order to reduce the cost of graphics. The backend is built from a PHP framework in order to offer all the flexibility of evolution as well as an ultra-ergonomic CMS and personalized to the client's needs.


Since it was put online by BeOnPerf, the leyule.fr site has seen continuous growth in its visits and displays very efficient KPIs compared to benchmarks for the hotel industry. In addition, direct bookings on the hotel website represent 75% of all online bookings, which is much higher than the average performance of the sector for which OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) capture an average of 80 to 90 % of online reservations.

  • Share of direct bookings: 75%
  • Growth of the direct channel: + 77% in 2019 vs 2018
  • Bounce rate: 31.37%
  • Number of pages per session: 3.06
  • Average duration of sessions: 2 min 16 s

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