SEA acquisition / sales campaign for an e-commerce site

Visuals is a distributor of technical products for professionals and discerning amateurs in the world of image and sound (photography, video, television, cinema). It is the market leader in French-speaking Switzerland.

Goals and proposed solutions

Visuals had an e-commerce site but did not have the digital leverage of traffic acquisition in place to increase its qualified visits and consequently its online sales. The company struggled to generate significant revenue on the Internet and even doubted the ability to do better.

BeOnPerf proposed to Visuals to set up a Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaign via Google Ads, including a remarketing campaign and a Google Shopping campaign, in order to generate new conversions on its client's e-commerce site from prospects who were unaware of Visuals until then but were looking for its products.


BeOnPerf created a Google Ads account in the name of his client then set up a search campaign on the different products and brands sold by Visuals. After a few weeks of testing, BeOnPerf added a Google Shopping campaign to the account by retrieving the feed of all Visuals products. Throughout the first months of the campaign, BeOnPerf optimized the SEA parameters in order to continuously increase performance.

Over the first 12 months the following results were obtained:

  • 457 conversions (online sales) for an average basket of 585 CHF
  • 267,000 CHF of generated income
  • ROI: 10 (1 CHF invested generated 10 CHF of income)
  • 24% of online sales across all channels.

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